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Food Stylists: The unsung heroes of food photography 

The only thing more appetizing than delicious food is looking at delicious food. Don’t you think? And we know you agree! Ever notice how food looks a lot better in advertisements than when it’s at home? Food isn’t always naturally beautiful (Unlike your face). So maybe it can make you wonder why professional product shots of food look so much different and even more delicious than when it comes out of your kitchen! That’s because we now know that the way food is presented impacts how we perceive flavour (without altering any cooking ingredients or their taste!). As recent studies have shown, our perception could be skewed by how the food is actually held, for example : How it’s mounted on a plate or underneath a light. This means that understanding and improving the appearance, as well as visual appeal, of your food is critical to getting customers through the door. But how do you present this type of content correctly? That’s where food stylists enter the picture!

What is a food-stylist?

Have you wondered what goes on behind the scenes of your favourite dish’s photo? The one that has you drooling and wanting to dash to the nearest diner for a bite of that delicious, juicy burger or stack of chocolate chip cookies with a bottle of milk? Fine food photographers and professional food stylists work together to make your food look absolutely food-o-genic! They help retain the integrity, freshness, and flavors in almost any kind off household or commercial cooking, whether it’s fast food or something more high-end like gourmet foods. 

It’s not just a matter of putting a plate here, shining a light there, or slathering more oil on an ingredient or dish. Food styling requires training, hard work, skill, and a great deal of passion.These individuals not only make sure the finished images have a perfect balance that showcases both their expertise but also has a realistic quality across all their food photography photos which is why they are so good at what they do.

Reasons to hire a food stylist

1) Professional food stylists contribute to the photoshoot’s success Professional Food Stylists add an extra dimension to the shot, keeping everything looking picture-perfect. They prepare the foods to be used by setting them up into more aesthetically pleasing arrangements than they would occur naturally. When they are not arranging the food on set, they can focus on other features of the photo shoot — like lighting or composition — and leave it to their team members to add or change elements of the foods in front of their lenses.

2)  Food stylists know all the tricks – they’re like magicians!

Food stylists are the cornerstones of a great looking photograph. Like magicians, they can transform a dish into something that looks like it came straight out of a magazine, or enhance its texture and appearance in ways that wouldn’t be possible without their magic touch. Duplicating textures and making food look its very best is what they do! They have all the tools to make things come out precisely as we need them. We have all the tools to make the food look great for extended periods of time, making sure you get the perfect shot.

3) Food stylists know where to find unique ingredients

Whether it’s fresh strawberries in the middle of summer or rare mangoes in the middle of winter, food stylists can find these and any other ingredients your menu calls for. Depending on where their restaurant is located, they may have a very broad selection of vendors and growers to choose from in order to help them achieve the look they are striving towards; or they may have limited access to physical producers due to the lack of produce available during certain seasons. Regardless of which is true, however, a talented food stylist knows exactly where and who to order supplies from in order to make all your dishes sing.

4) Food stylists know how to make the most out of any situation

When it comes to food photography, food stylists have a lot of line-editing to do. They know how to fix up your imperfections and keep those pesky details looking just right, whether the length of the bread is uneven or there are too many (or not enough) sprinkles on an icecream.

Would you like to see how we can elevate the way food looks and is presented? Let’s work on that together! We know what makes food products pop and like nothing else. To get new clients, we can also develop visually compelling stories or motion graphics with my dedicated team of creative experts. You can learn more about our services and where we stand out by exploring my portfolio of online design projects – not just still life and food photography but also stop-motion animations! If you like what you see, we will be able to start working together right away!

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