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Food Photography for Restaurants: High quality pictures = More Customers

So you’ve got your new restaurant/food business up on its feet and while professional food photography and styling are crucial for your marketing, surely stock food photography or self-taken snapshots from your smartphone will be enough, right? 

After all, you want to keep the expenses to a minimum and get the customers rolling through the door first.


Your images may make or break a potential customer’s interest in your company, therefore using this approach could be disastrous. Building a brand is hard enough as it is, so when you’re starting out, don’t make life harder for yourself by making a costly mistake—one you never get the chance to bounce back from. Avoid taking photo snapshots of your food with your smartphone and amateur lighting kits; professional photography for your business‘ edible products will make sure that anyone visiting your restaurant knows what best-quality food looks like. Bad publicity is already easy to come by in today’s world of rampant reviews and writing on internet forums. It doesn’t take much to break or bust the reputation you’ve worked hard to build during the early days of starting up your company.

Relationship between professional food photography and restaurant profitability

Did you know that 82% of people would buy a dish based on a picture of it, regardless of whether they wanted it or not? Restaurants that switched from text-heavy menus to photo-based menus in online ordering saw a 25% increase in conversion rate. All of your marketing needs can be met with high-quality photos that pique your customers’ visual appetite.

Here are three compelling reasons why restaurant photography is so important:

1) It creates an incredible first impression

First impressions, as they say, are irreversible. And you don’t want to be stuck with a bad label, so make a strong online first impression. Everything starts with your website’s images, which should speak for themselves. Their purpose should be to attract customers’ attention, pique their interest, and stimulate visual hunger. They will remember your restaurant if they first come into contact with you through your high-quality, mouth-watering photos.

2) It establishes credibility and trust

When we consider the importance of food photography in today’s world, the phrase “what you see is what you get” comes to mind. Customers prefer to know what they’ll get. Surprises are fun, but they’re not always pleasant when it comes to food. Professional food photography on your website and menu establishes professionalism and trust. 

3) It steps up your social media game

Instagram is used by millennials to find out what and where they should eat. A low-quality photo could spell disaster for your food business among this demographic. With people’s tendency to scan a page and make snap decisions based on appearances, you’ll want to make sure your food imagery stands out with beautiful, high-quality food photos that make you the obvious choice over your competitors. Professional food photography and styling are essential for a successful online presence and thriving food brand in this age of image kingship. Investing in a professional is a smart move.


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