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5 Reasons to Make Social Media Marketing a Priority 

According to Kepios, there are nearly 4.62 billion social media users worldwide as of January 2022, which accounts for approximately 58.4 percent of the total global population! Wow-what a huge number, especially when you remember that social media in itself is only a few decades old! So what does this mean for you? It means that you have at least four and a half billion potential customers for your products and services right at your fingertips–talk about efficiency! You are able to connect with these massive numbers of people with an easy click of a button. Kepios also reminds us that it would be an awful mistake not to utilize this enthralling marketing solution as well as an organic growth opportunity.

Consider marketing your business using social media in the same way that you would on a dating app. People go looking for someone they can connect with to catch a vibe and see if they have potential. You happen to come across each other and things are so good at first, that it’s tempting to share without thinking too much. When all is said and done, you decide to take things to the next level. While pitching your product may appear to be a lot of work, actually spending time absorbing customers’ psyches makes it easier because you’ll have a better idea of what will and won’t resonate with them. It can transform your brand if you stop thinking of social media as a way to pitch your customers and instead think of it as a way to connect with them. 

With that said, here are some fairly compelling reasons why it’s important for new businesses to start using social media for marketing purposes:

1) Social media marketing allows you to better understand your target audience.

The interaction you have with your customer base is part of what makes social channels like Twitter and Instagram effective marketing tools. Reading their tweets and status updates will provide you with insights into their daily lives and consumer behaviors, as well as answers to questions such as:

– What are they purchasing and why?

– What are their interests?

– What websites do they frequent?

These insights have clear marketing implications. When you understand your customers, you can create high-quality content and posts, which leads to more traffic.

2) Higher Brand Loyalty

Developing a loyal customer base is one of the primary goals of almost all businesses. Given that customer satisfaction and brand loyalty typically go hand in hand, it is critical to engage with customers on a regular basis and begin developing a bond with them. Social media isn’t just for introducing new products and promotional campaigns for your company. Customers regard these platforms as a service channel through which they can communicate directly with the company. 

3) It is Cost-Effective

Social media marketing may be the most cost-effective component of an advertising strategy. Almost all social networking platforms allow you to sign up and create a profile for free, and any paid promotions you decide to invest in are relatively inexpensive when compared to other marketing tactics. Being cost-effective is extremely advantageous because it allows you to see a higher return on investment while retaining a larger budget for other marketing and business expenses. If you decide to use paid social media advertising, always start small to see what to expect. As you gain confidence, fine-tune your strategy and experiment with increasing your budget. You can significantly increase your conversion rate by investing a small amount of time and money.

4) You can find potential customers who are unfamiliar with your brand.

Social media marketing allows you to find customers who are looking for information about your product — even if they are unfamiliar with your company.

On Twitter, for example, you can use Hootsuite to create streams that follow specific keywords related to your industry or products. When you see people tweeting about those products, direct them to your website or explain how your product can meet their needs.

5) Consistent content has a very enticing Return on Investment (ROI)

So, what is the ROI that a business can expect from a good content marketing strategy?  Content marketing not only outperforms traditional marketing tactics by a wide margin but also attracts significantly more website visitors and leads. Consistent content creation increases website traffic, and as traffic grows, so do conversions. A successful conversion strategy will generate high-quality leads. Such conversions are important because they serve as a foundation for your sales funnel.


It’s no secret that social media engagement is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic. And if you want to get started with this strategy, you should begin by creating profiles for your company on the major platforms, with Twitter and Facebook being two of the most popular. A profile is more than just a link to your website; it includes information about who you are and why people should follow you. Share content such as photos or links that position you as the type of brand people want to associate with, ask relevant business people to “like” your profile, and provide engaging updates throughout the day.


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